I’m Steve.

I will be the one you will talk to every time you call. We don’t have a sales department or a salesman, just me.  I’m the owner and it is my business to make sure that you get the best rustic stairs for your home.

With your input and ideas, I will look at your project and give you the  best ideas that I can think of.  You know the limitations of your space and your vision for your home. I know how to design stairs and which design works best in almost every situation.  Working together,  we will come up with a custom design that fits your needs and dreams. 

I will need just a few measurements and, possibly a photo or drawing of the place the stairs will fit.  Once we agree on a design, we will discuss details of handrails, posts, etc.  I will give you an estimate of your cost for building and shipping the stairs.  If the estimate is too high, we can discuss changes that can be made to the details of the design to help the project fit your budget without sacrificing the quality your family needs.  We take pride in the quality and workmanship of our product, and we believe that over time you will agree that our stairs were the right choice for you to make.

There is no obligation when you call.  I am happy to answer all your questions .  Please call or email today.

An example of what you can expect

Hi Steve,
I just thought I’d let you know that we finished the stairs.  We took a lot longer than we should have, because we ran across problems with our  floor being very far from level, so we had to make adjustments at several steps.  But it all turned out just fine.  I’m attaching a picture of them all glued together with straps on and dowels sticking out, and a picture of them all finished.
The stairs are just beautiful, and they look wonderful in the cabin.  Of course, they’ll look a lot better when we have the floor in, and build a new cabinet around the refrigerator to replace the under-stairs storage we removed with the old stairs.  When it is all done later this winter, I’ll send you another picture.  I’m so excited to finally have my house coming together the way I’ve always wanted.
I am thrilled with the stairs. I absolutely love the gorgeous wood and the way the original form of the logs was retained.  It makes it fit in with our log home beautifully.    Thank you for working with me so patiently on this. The stairs are complicated, but you made it simple to assemble.   I am really impressed with how perfectly everything fits, when I only gave you two measurements and a couple of photos.  Your design was perfect. Your experience and meticulous workmanship shows in the complex bend of the railings and the exact fit of every stair and rail with the posts.   And you were so helpful with instructions and answering questions that putting the stairs together was actually quite easy.  At least the dry fit was easy – as I said, we had to make adjustments for the home-built cabin eccentricities before we glued everything up, and that presented challenges you couldn’t have anticipated.
I’ve been looking at your website for over ten years, dreaming of a replacement to the awful steep, dangerous stairs the folks who built our cabin put in because there was not enough space for traditional stairs.  When I finally contacted you, you came up with a much better solution than I had ever imagined – the “S” curved stairs.  They are complicated, but elegant.  They are like a work of art in the middle of our house.
Thank you again for everything.  Have a great winter.

How I started

Helped build our first log cabin at 8 years old and my Parents buying a rustic tourist resort at age 12 log building has been my life.  The resort was old and had to be rebuilt and expanded over the following 20 years.  The unique experience was everything was done by hand the resort is on remote islands in Northern Ontario no electricity or heavy equipment and no excuses.

At our resort www.wildernessisland.com we had to build High Quality to last, appealing because it is a highly rated resort and perfect because if it wasn’t the best it didn’t belong in our resort.  We always thrived to be the best and offer the best not compromising or offering something that our guests could get better someplace else.  That being said this is how I have lived my life the same always expanding, thriving for better making what no one else can offer so if you are like me and want the best you are in the right place give me a call.

We have had the pleasure of crafting beautiful log home stairs for over 50 years. We are a constantly expanding and evolving company and we pride ourselves in taking care of our customers. Our quality management, unique techniques and efficient services are what set us apart. I can guarantee you that we will give you a better service than anyone in the industry, and the reason I can say that is because we end up spending a lot of time replacing stairs that are poorly built by companies that just run after money. Most companies nowadays use lag bolts or metal to hold their stair treads together and let me tell you, metals and wood just don’t go together. The stairs will not survive in the long run. We have found a much better way that will make the stairs last a lifetime.


The most crucial material when it comes to building log home stairs is the wood. The wood that we use comes from white pine which is native to Northern Ontario. Due to the long winters here, the trees grow slowly—which means that the rings are closer together, making the wood extremely strong. One other vital material that we use is the glue. Having over 7000 pounds per square inch griping strength, it’s not any ordinary glue. This particular glue is not manufactured in North America and doesn’t come cheap but we believe it’s worth it. Our kiln systems are the best and the largest in the industry—covering over 250,000 board feet in total. We make sure our wood is slowly and carefully dried so that the water is removed evenly and there is little to no shrinkage once at the job site.

Metal & Wood in Staircases Just don’t work well together.
One thing we always try to stay away from is mixing metal with wood. Putting the stairs together using lag bolts might seem like a good idea now, but in the long run it will loosen up. We only use the best of materials and combine that with decades of knowledge and experience and anything is possible. It is our duty to bring your vision to life. Our fast and custom service will suit your needs perfectly. Our skills took us to some of the finest places on earth and we had the pleasure of designing stairs at some of the finest homes. Old school Amish carpenters are a big part of our operations. The Amish, by nature, take pride in everything they do. So you can rest assured that the stairs that they are crafting will be of the highest quality. 
We use the finest raw materials and apply the best of techniques and craftsmanship, so don’t hesitate to call us right away. We will clear all your doubts and help your dream come true.

Combining decades of knowledge, expertise, and the finest of materials make us the best possible choice for you that can make your vision a reality. With your help we can provide reliable and efficient service—tailor-made to fulfill all your desires. We have been all around the world and have been a part of some of the finest homes. Our old school Amish carpenters are the best in the business. They take pride in their work and have that unwavering passion that makes all our rustic staircases a complete succeed


The unique technology that we use to join our rustic stairs, spiral stairs in particular, is what makes them last for so long. At first we drill into our center post at a 4 degree angle. This gives us the perfect leverage for the treads, cementing them quite firmly. We avoid cutting into the sides of the center post to notch in the treads at all cost; this completely weakens the stairs. The rigid outer part of the wood is what mainly supports the stair treads. If you chip into the outer layer, the inner soft layer can give very little support and the stairs will loosen up overtime and eventually fail.
So in a nutshell, we use the best of materials, our craftsmanship is of the highest order and our products last a lifetime. So why wait? Call us today and be confident that you are making the right choice.
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