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About Our Spiral Stairs

If you have ever walked across a squeaky wood floor you know that wood and metal fasteners don’t last and at some point will start to loosen.

This creates that creaking sound, and after total failure, I have had to replace other clients stairs where this has happened. Our staircases are solid and don’t loosen, after been used. Let me explain.

In our spiral stairs

In our spiral stairs, Our method of joining our spiral stairs together is what sets us apart from the rest. we join the treads to the post with century old proven techniques that will last forever. Our spiral staircases don’t fall down or loosen up because of how we build them the first time.


Not Your Typical Contractors Staircase

Call us today at 1-705-843-0609. We will answer all your questions and explain why our method is better most likely giving you a better price than anyone for a better spiral staircase.


Most contractors typically using an old method of lag bolts, bolting the wood to the center. Even to this day contractors they are still building this way because its fast, easy and cheap but it wont last. Our advanced method of building staircases will last a lifetime, and you can be assured of satisfaction, vs. anyone in the spiral staircase industry.

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