Spiral Stair Kits – DIY Spiral Staircase Kits

Our spiral staircase kits are easy to order and can be assembled in just a few hours.To order we only need a measurement from floor to floor. Everything else is a personal preference of how big do you want the steps, where to get on and off,  spindle style, things like that. We will talk you through all of the details over the phone when you order. We can help you come up with the staircase of your dreams and it will fit exactly where you need it.

Over 20 Years of Experience – We Know Spiral Staircases

Over the past 20 years building all forms and styles of spiral staircase kits everything always fits because it was made to fit.  We custom build everything in house, and all our components are put together right here in the shop. Your complete spiral staircase kit is checked and rechecked then disassembled, packaged up, and sent to your home.

To reassemble your spiral staircase kit it is very easy. 95% of our clients don’t even call with any question as it is just so straight forward. Yes it’s that simple. Two people and a few hours, and your new spiral staircase is setup and complete. No need for a contractor if you want to DIY

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