log stair

premium woodworks for log stair systems – By Randy Danz

Premium Woodworks for Rustic Stairs: It was a lucky day when I met Steve and learned about Premium Woodworks. I had an idea for a small project and needed some special lumber. Years ago I past Premium Woodwork and noted several wood structures outside Steve’s workshop. One of those structures was the most creative treehouse I had ever seen. I thought if anyone had the materials I needed he would. I went over to check out Premium Woodworks and was greeted by Steve. I told him I was interested in building some stairs for a small cabin. Steve said, “That’s what we do here, come on in and I’ll show you.” I followed him into a huge building.

There he showed a set of stairs he was making for a hotel. It was massive; all wood, no nails, a work of art, breathtaking and one of a 
kind. Obviously costing more than my first home. I felt foolish about my small, four-step stairs to the cabin.

Steve asked me what I had in mind and I told him I would get my measurements and draw what I wanted. Something rustic, not the usual risers, wood pegs, no nails, thick wood stairs with the bark still on, and an all-natural handrail was what I was looking for. When I brought the drawings and measurements back to Steve, he told me he had not made stairs quite like this but it interested him. We agreed on the price and he would have it ready when I returned next summer.

The finished stairs were exactly what I had envisioned. I was able to transport the stairs to the cabin and they fit perfectly into place. 
Everyone who sees the new addition to the cabin loves them.

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