Quality craftsmanship backed up with the perfect materials can make something last forever. Build to last—that’s our motto and the only way to achieve that is passion, hard work and of course the application of the best possible elements to the project. From the best grain logs to the strongest glue, the finest fits and the impressive workmanship by our expert Amish carpenters, all come together to create the perfect masterpiece of our rustic staircases. Contact now!

Our hybrid polyurethane glue has an epoxy element that makes our staircases the strongest in the industry. Running approximately $700.00 per gallon, it has a mammoth 7000 pounds per square inch holding force which is almost equivalent to lifting a house with its steps. Our competitors will never spend that much on glue but we believe our stairs deserve it. But no matter how good your materials are, it will all be in vain if you can’t back them up with passion and hard work. The reason we know this is that we spend a good amount of time replacing broken down log staircases built poorly by contractors who just run after profit.

The most crucial material, when it comes to building log home stairs, is the wood itself. We have been blessed with native slow growing trees that have to survive through our long brutal winters. This makes them strong and rigid and when we glue them together they can be as firm as cement. That’s why our log stairs last a lifetime. Our kiln systems are the largest and the best in the industry—250,000 board feet in total. We make sure we slowly dry our wood so that they are not over stressed and also to make sure nothing dries and loosens up after we deliver it to your doorstep.

The wood is not expensive in any way. The main cost of the stairs come from the effort we put behind carefully building them. So if any company comes and tells you that their materials cost a lot then you know how much less of an effort and time they put in their craftsmanship. Their stairs might look good for a while but I can assure you, it will not survive in the long run. The best solution to this would be to be well informed before you buy anything. First ask around about the cost of the stairs in your package and how the stairs are put together. Then give us a ring at +1 705 843 0609 and we will hopefully give you a better deal. This way you will have a decent enough idea on what you are buying exactly.

Oh and just to let you know, there will be salesman who promise you a warranty but in reality they won’t be able to fix anything and will leave you hanging out to dry. We had many such run-ins with companies like these who had asked us fix their broken staircases for them but we just told them to have their clients call us directly. I really don’t understand why they sell bad quality stairs just for profit.

In 2015, over 2339 people died from falling on stairs many more were injured.  If the treads of your stairs are not solid and tight enough, they wobble all over the place. It’s almost like you are walking on marbles—it’s not safe at all. The reason I am telling you this is so you know how serious this is. But don’t worry—you are safe with us. We have over 50 years of experience. You can trust us without any doubt. We are honest and take pride in taking care of our customers, giving them the best of service.

Contact us today–we will answer all your questions and help you make a well informed decision weather it be on our rustic staircases, twig railings or any other quality built products that we make. 

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