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5 advantages (and Disadvantages) of Straight Stairs

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Straight Stairs: When it comes to choosing the staircases, there are plenty of choices available. However, the straight staircases have been in fashion for a long time and for the right reasons. In this post, we will take a look at five reasons for you to install the straight staircases in your home.

1. Easy to make : –

The straight staircases are the most traditional to make. Although the width, height, and material of them can make the task difficult, in general, they do not present a unique style to the designer or the architect.

2. Ease in the installation : –

While installation for the straight stairs is mostly straight forward and have to shell out little money for the straight staircase installation as compared to the other types of staircases because everyone has seen straight stairs. The most complex staircases such as the spiral, helix and L shape can cost more for installation due to the fact that many people have never done such work before. But at Rustic Stairs makes this as easy as can be.

3. No requirement of the supporting structure: –

When you install some other staircases, supporting structures are needed depending on the length and height of the staircase. With the straight staircase, it would be rare to ever need a supporting structure.

4. Traditional, simple sober look: –

If you are looking to avoid complicated staircase designs, then straight staircases are a perfect choice. They have been in use for a number of centuries and their traditional look is well appreciated even in today designs.

5. No need of the landing: –

If the run is straight no need for a landing in most places for your stairs, although there might be no need of the landing. However, for safety and aesthetic reasons, we highly recommend on installing a landing just for looks and a resting spot.

Few disadvantages of Straight Stairs

While straight stairs were the first kind of stairs that became a household name, they often have limitations, which prompted the other styles and designs of stairs to be thought of, such as the Spiral Stair Ideas, Rustic Spiral Stairs.

1. Safety: –

Safety is the primary reason why straight stairs should always be avoided. One unexpected fall and the individual is likely to suffer a total fall down right from the top to the bottom of the stairs. Total fall down can easily be prevented in case of any other staircase design except in the straight staircases.

2. Requires more space: –

Straight staircases often require more spaces than other design types. So in a building, where there is a scarcity of space, straight staircases are not an option. Apart from the above reasons, we see no possible cons for the straight staircases. They are affordable and can have longevity just like the other staircases.

About log stair systems

When it comes to log and custom stairs, the design, aesthetics and the appeal of them are at an altogether different level. For nearly a half a century, we have been designing high-class log staircases with stunning designs. To get assistance for choosing the best log staircases for your home or commercial space, give us a call at +705-843-0609.

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